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Getting 403 error when requested user infomation

Question asked by Hiroyuki Oka Employee on Jul 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by Hiroyuki Oka

Hi Everyone,


I got 403 error when I requested /user-admin/v1/accounts/hioka/users.

Do you know why ?


hioka@:~/work/Code/api-kickstart/examples/python $ python

ERROR: Call to /user-admin/v1/accounts/hioka/users failed with a 403 result

ERROR: This indicates a problem with authorization.

ERROR: Please ensure that the credentials you created for this script

ERROR: have the necessary permissions in the Luna portal.

ERROR: Problem details: Not Authorized to view this resource.


hioka@:~/work/Code/api-kickstart/examples/python $


I already executed of api-kickstart. It is working .

so I think .edgerc file is no-problem.


Authorized API is following this.

Diagnostic Tools - READ-ONLY

Property Manager - READ-ONLY

User Admin - READ-ONLY is following this. basically same as

hioka@:~/work/Code/api-kickstart/examples/python $ cat

#! /usr/bin/env python

# Very basic script demonstrating diagnostic tools functionality


import requests, logging, json, sys

from http_calls import EdgeGridHttpCaller

from random import randint

from akamai.edgegrid import EdgeGridAuth

from config import EdgeGridConfig

import urllib

session = requests.Session()

debug = False

verbose = False

section_name = "default"


# If all parameters are set already, use them.  Otherwise

# use the config

config = EdgeGridConfig({},section_name)


if hasattr(config, "debug") and config.debug:

  debug = True


if hasattr(config, "verbose") and config.verbose:

  verbose = True



# Set the config options

session.auth = EdgeGridAuth(






if hasattr(config, 'headers'):



baseurl = '%s://%s/' % ('https',

print baseurl

httpCaller = EdgeGridHttpCaller(session, debug,verbose, baseurl)



# Request the dig request the {OPEN} Developer Site IP informantion

dig_result = httpCaller.getResult("/user-admin/v1/accounts/hioka/users")


# Display the results from dig

print (dig_result['dig']['result'])



best regards