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API Question: CPS vs SPS

Discussion created by Sam Doyle Employee on Sep 19, 2016
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I'm trying to figure out whether a customer needs to use SPS or could get away with just the CPS API when setting up automation around cert procedures.  Is there a comparison anywhere that would help?


My understanding is that in SPS there's no way to actually remove a SAN from a certificate.  So they'll definitely need the CPS API unless I'm mistaken.


I'm trying to determine if SPS has anything CPS doesn't, so I can present that information to them while they're still planning this out.


On this page: SPS API Data 


I see an operation which allows the API user to "Get all SPS requests for a contract and group" based on "contractId , groupId"


At the bottom of the CPS overview (CPS API) where they demo using 'OPTIONS', I see what looks like the equivalent command, except I don't see a reference to groupId.  My understanding is that cert enrollments are tied to contracts/accounts, I have never seen the concept of Luna groups come into the picture.  Does SPS just use groupIds because the delivery configs can be associated to groups, or can a customer actually break their certs out into arbitrary groups using the SPS API (but not CPS)?


As in, could a customer create multiple enrollments on the same contract which are tied to two different group IDs, and then use the SPS 'get all enrollments by contract & group' operation to pull each subset of enrollments on the contract separately?  Or would they always get all enrollments tied to the contract, regardless of groupid?


Any guidance appreciated.