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What is the propagation time for Akamai for Load feedback changes?

Question asked by Axel Velazquez on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by Neil Jedrzejewski

Hello CDN Experts!


I have a question related to Akamai Loadfeedback.


It is my understanding that there are 3 things that I need to provide so that akamai do load balance across my datacenters correctly:

1) current load

2) target load

3) Max_load.


If my target load is very close to my maxload, lets say   95 and 100,  how fast can akamai response to start fading traffic away?


Other question is,  if I change those numbers , how long does it take for akamai to know about that change so that it can take actions as soon as possible?  Let's say that I decide that the target load is not longer 95 and I change it to 80 or something like that, how long does it take for akamai to react.


The reason why I am asking is because, the Application that I am building can be overwhelm quite fast, due to the amount of traffic that I am getting, so I need to make sure that I have a quick way to take traffic away.



And Last question.


If I have , lets say 2 data centers,  both out of capacity, what would happened?   would one of them be more overwhelm or would akamai would stop traffic for both of them or what is the behavior akamai would do in those cases?