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Routing to an S3 bucket in multiple geo locations

Question asked by Iain Bowman on Oct 6, 2016
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We would like one of our endpoints to redirect to an Amazon S3 bucket however in order for this to work correctly the host header must match the name of the bucket we are ultimately trying to hit so that AWS can route correctly. Rather than one bucket we are using three buckets in different geographical locations and we are using a GTM geo endpoint and separate GTM properties for each region which in turn point to a different bucket. I have tried setting different host forwarding options in the origin behaviour section of property manager but this always forwards either our own site's hostname or the akadns entry for my geo endpoint rather than the ultimate bucket DNS name. As we are using three different buckets I can't set a fixed custom name either as it would only match one bucket. Has anyone else tried to achieve something similar and, if so, how did you set this up?  


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