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Features to help with VOD streaming, adaptive or anything else

Question asked by Nitzan shenar on Nov 6, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by Josh Cheshire

(Apologies in advance for relative ignorance in Akamai features and terminology)


We have the following environment:

  1. A HTTP server that hosts many video files.
  2. An app (running on various devices) that enable the user to select a video and play it on demand "streaming".
  3. An Akamai account, mapped to the above server, which says: "Product: Rich Media Accelerator; Solution: Sola; Type: Property Manager".


Can we utilize Akamai in order to improve the streaming experience, especially as different users may have different bandwidth available to them? What things can be done without the need to replace our video player and/or video encoding? What things can be done if we can replace our video player and/or video encoding?


Note: We're talking about videos that are typically more than HD resolution. Some are 4K etc.