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Pre-sales evaluation feature?

Question asked by Johannes Eckerdal Champion on Dec 8, 2016
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in our company we have hundreds of sites all together, whereof only the major ones are Akamized. From a central IT perspective we see the benefits of using a CDN, but it is not always as obvious when it comes to the local marketing departments. They do as they always have done... 

It would be time consuming for us to evaluate each and every site, write a report and present individually for each site owner. 

So, my question is whether you have some sort of "pre-sales evaluation" feature available? 

Like; paste our hostname and press submit. An offline analysis of the first page and a couple of links is done and a report is created with potential offload, performance benefits, etc is done - based on Akamai core features and best practises.

It would be really cool if you had such thing:-)