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HTTPS connection disconnects after 2 hours.

Question asked by Rajan Rai on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by Neil Jedrzejewski

I have written custom application to get transport stream segments and m3u8 file from Akamai server. I see my TCP socket gets disconnected from Akamai server after every two hour if I'm performing HTTPS GETS. In case I repeat the same test using HTTP, there is no issue. I'm setting "Connection: Keep-Alive" in HTTP header based on recommendation I found on :

I have also set option to disable session ticket.


Another thing I see every time my application disconnects, retry mechanism in my application reconnects and host IP changes every time as compared to previous connection. It gives me impression Akamai hostname resolution seems to change in every two hours if I use HTTPS.


Is there a way to keep HTTPS connection alive for more than two hours ? If I use any commercial player to play HLS stream using HTTPS from Akamai , I don't see any problem after two hours. I must be missing something in my application.