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Netstorage serving Etags, but not honoring If-None-Match?

Question asked by Peter Jones on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by Mitsunobu Nakamura

Hello, I'm trying to use Etags with my files in netstorage and having some trouble. I can see the environment is already configured to serve the ETag header on all responses, and is doing so, but I can't get the Akamai server to respond with a 304 when I send the If-None-Match header. Interestingly I can get a 304 as expected when I use If-Modified-Since.


I've attached a simple test you can run in your browser and a screenshot of what I see when I run that test.


The ETag header that's served looks like two hashes, concatenated with a colon, in quotation marks. I've tried every permutation in the If-None-Match header - whole thing with quotes, first part without quotes, etc. Is there something I'm doing wrong (or have configured wrong) or is this a bug?