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Invalid EndPoint or Timestamp

Question asked by Jan Pieter de Jong on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by Jan Pieter de Jong

Hello All, I am new here and is using C#, Akamai.EdgeGrid.Auth to get the properties with following code.



           var accessToken = "akab-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";            var clientToken = "akab-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";  
          var secret = "Wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=";  
          var signer = new EdgeGridV1Signer();   
         var credential = new ClientCredential(clientToken, accessToken, secret);
           var uri = new Uri("
        var request = WebRequest.Create(uri);        
    signer.Sign(request, credential);
           using (var result = signer.Execute(request, credential))  

It says invalid timestamp. Anyone please help.