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"unauthorized arl" purging by ARL?

Question asked by Bernie Ongewe on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by Bernie Ongewe

OK I had this working off a different station earlier. I have a test client that purges well enough by CP Code, but when I purge by ARL, I now get;

{'action': 'remove',
'domain': 'staging',
'objects': ['/electronics/gaming', '/electronics/televisions'],
'type': 'arl'}
{"supportId": "17PY1494453299858138-235885760", "title": "unauthorized arl", "httpStatus": 403, "detail": "/electronics/gaming", "describedBy": ""}

I've tried it with and without "Allow purge by CP Code" I got past this before but, evidently kept inadequate notes. Any ideas?