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Any fields available in LDS logs to give times taken by Akamai to process the request

Question asked by Amarnath Immadisetty on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by Neil Jedrzejewski

I am specifically looking for how long does Akamai edge took to process the requests


1) How long does Akamai took the process the request received from client and send it to origin

2) Once the request is received back from origin, how long does it take to send back to client/browser


The turnaround gives complete picture of time taken by edge+origin processing time+edge response. The problem with this , i will will not able to tell akamai processing times alone. There might be some firewalls/ISP in between which might take more time to process . So if i can take out akamai processing times out of the scope, i can able to pin-point what took longer.


Are there any fields in LDS that can map these requests ? Also any documentation available on LDS logs defining what each field is .