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Implementing simple failover property with GTM - load feedback

Question asked by Seungheun Noh on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by Seungheun Noh

Hi team.


I'm wondering that if we can implement "simple" failover GTM property using load feedback option.

As you guys might knows, GTM provide "failover" type of property already.


It is very intelligent option for some situations and very useful to cover up the failure cases.

But in some cases, it's too much intelligent and didn't make failover and fail-back right away to avoid test fluctuation.

So I'm thinking of build up GTM "dummy" failover with load feedback option.


Idea is very simple : 

  • In normal case : Report 0% of load to DC A and 100% of load to DC B > expect all traffics to DC A
  • In DC A down : Report 100% of load to DC A and 0% of load to DC B > expect all traffics to DC B
  • Load feedback object will be located in DC C : Make decision for failover and fail-back
  • DC Z will check up server status from DC A and DC B, and will consider network reachability from several cloud pop from AWS, Microsoft, or our own pops around the world.


This is just an idea to make simple failover / fail-back solution using GTM.

So feel free to give me some feedback and any comment would be appreciated.