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Handle AWS region failover and DR by Akamai GTM

Question asked by Swadesh Das on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by Manuel Alvarez

Hi All,


Current scenario:

Our organisation is implemented AWS route53 for Disaster recovery and fail over of AWS region.

We have implemented  Active-passive method of Route53 and our infrastructure is in AWS.


If one region in AWS get failed the route53 redirect all the traffic to other region so that our web server is always up and running and no customer get affect.


Problem statement:

Route53 is not compliance with fedramp and we can not continue with Route53 anymore.

After some googling, I found that Akamai GTM can achieve the same and also Akamai GTM is more secure and support fedramp.


Now how to proceed from here?

There is no document/userguide available to do my POC and implement the test scenario.

How to proceed from here?

If you have any documentation, link, pdf then please share with me to do some hands on.