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Add a shared cert hostname to an AMD property

Question asked by Jeremy Ramer on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by Josh Cheshire

I am having an issue with using the PAPI API to create a new AMD property that uses a shared certificate hostname.

First I cloned an existing property using the clone API call

Next I tried setting my hostname using the hostname update API call

I used the following data


       "cnameTo": "",
        "cnameFrom": "",
        "cnameType": "SHARED_CERT"


but I got a 501 error in response


"status": 501,
"instance": "******/versions/1/hostnames?validateHostnames=true&groupId=grp_XXXXX&contractId=ctr_ABCDEFG#6455f3aae-c12c-4213-baa4-030f585c5254",
"type": "",
"detail": "We only support cnameType==`EDGE_HOSTNAME`, but you provided `SHARED_CERT` for [0]/cnameType.",
"title": "Unsupported `cnameType`"


The API documentation does say only EDGE_HOSTNAME is supported. But I need to use a Shared Certificate with the property. Is there any way to set a shared certificate hostname through the API?