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Ramping up the users in soasta

Question asked by Akshay Deshpande on Nov 7, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Salvador Camacho Reyes



This question is regarding the way we rampup users in soasta.


Scenario :

Running a test with 1vUser ramp up every 3 minutes, up to 30vUser load. 


As per my understanding, there are two ways we can ramp up users in soasta.

Option 1. By having different tracks with the same clip, and giving leading delay for every track (refer to image1)


Option 2. By having a single track and using "Enable repeat" option.(refer to image2)


I ran a same test twice by using option1 and then by option 2. I find that by using option 2(Enabling repeat) I am able to achieve a better throughput of up to 40%.


Question :

1. Is it there a reason why I should use option 2 (Enabling repeat) to achieve better througput and not option 1?



Thanks in advance