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How can do update my clip to not use recorded values and update dynamically as the system runs

Question asked by Richard Clark on Nov 26, 2015
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I am looking to performance test a very basic site, but in the site it pulls some of its own statistics that are used for reporting purposes to our clients on a day to day basis.


The developer has mentioned that it runs a function getUTC that starts the process (from what I can understand) and then captures the data and reports on the certain pages as it comes through.


I am thinking that this could be handled with the properties but not sure how to find the function call and therefore no when to use the results - Is this the correct assumption, or is there another way to do this.


Currently the TrackSessionPageView call is reporting what was captured when recorded 


I have spent a couple of days on and off over the past month and got to a point that I need to get this sorted as need to start looking to run this early december 


Please can you advise/help


Regards Rich