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How to validate part of a response which is case-insensitive

Question asked by Harpreet Kaur on Dec 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by Ron Pierce

I need to validate whether a seed property is present in the response body and it should be case insensitive.


eg: value of this property {%% prop : parent-clip : /seedData_ModelDetails.brandName %%}


 is Kenmore-elite but in the response body, it may come as Kenmore-Elite or Kenmore-elite


I tried both


- Matches Regular expression as (?i){%% prop : parent-clip : /seedData_ModelDetails.brandName %%}




- Matches global expression as *(?i){%% prop : parent-clip : /seedData_ModelDetails.brandName %%}*


but both of them failed. Is there any other way of doing