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Implement Jmeter "Constant Timer" in CloudTest

Question asked by Jas Dhaliwal on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by Nick Richardson


Like in Jmeter, you can use a "Constant Timer" to make a call pause and then rerun again after the time in milliseconds has elapsed defined in "Constant Timer".


1. Make One Post call, save some returned values from the call, the call has Jmeter "Constant Timer" attached to it, to hold to make the next Post call

2. Make some other Get calls using values from step 1

3. In step 1, the time is millisecond defined in "Constant Timer" since the first Post call, now make the Post call again in Step1, update values and wait for next Post call until the same elapse occur again.

4. Keep on making Get calls using updated values from step 3.


[Process Continues ......]


How do I implement this in Jmeter. I have both Post and Get calls are setup, except for the Jmeter "Constant Timer" part for the Post.