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Regular Expression (.+?) does not work?

Question asked by Sameer Rajimwale on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by Sameer Rajimwale


Consider this text in my HTML response:

parentid="422096" itemid="4403000000014534" name="Unit1: Perf Test Labe24" type="folder"

Let's say if the parentid and the itemid were to remain contant, why can't I extract the name based on this: 

parentid="422096" itemid="4403000000014534" name="(.+?)" type="folder"


This pattern works fine with JMeter, notepad++ etc.. Not sure why it's not working on SOASTA.


Also, let's say if parentid and itemid were dynamic and I need to extract all 3 of them, what would my regex pattern be? 


(I was able to get this working via Xpath though, but am just curious to see how regex works). 


Thanks in advance!


 - Sameer Rajimwale