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Ajax Requests not being Recorded in Cloudtest Recording Extension

Question asked by Jesse Jurman on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by Salvador Camacho Reyes




I've been using cloudtest at my company to build basic test clips that I can use for load testing. I created a few clips in mid-december, and was able to see all of the network traffic on my recording. Now I'm trying to make a new recording, and I'm not seeing any of the Ajax request being made by the client. I can confirm that these requests are being made with the chrome inspector tool, but I don't see any of those transactions in my clip. What is being recorded are a few thumbnails, and some of the get page requests and unrelated post requests. I'm not using any filters, and I don't see any other options that would enable or disable those transactions. 


Is there an option that I'm not seeing, or should I use a different recording tool (ie. SOASTA Conductor)?