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Runtime error when using Seed Data and Clip Property

Question asked by First Last on Aug 20, 2015
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I have created a clip and a script which sets the Host URL. When I run the clip I get this error:


Runtime error at line 1, column 0 of linked Script "/Scripts/OfColl_Set_Host_Url": Attempt to retrieve an array element or struct member when the Property value is not an array or struct, Property "Collaborate" of Clip "abelTest", Track "Track 1", Band "Band 1".


I have a Script at the begining of the Clip which is like the below:


var hostUrl = "https://"+$prop.value("clip","Collaborate.Host");
var hostname = $prop.value("clip","Collaborate.Host");
//var hostUrl = "";
$sysprop.set("clip","test.***.com (test.***.com)/URL",hostUrl);
$sysprop.set("clip","test.***.com (test.***.com)/HostName",hostname);


I have created a Clip Custom Property called "Collaborate" and linked the Seed Data Repostiory called "Collaborate".


The Seed data only has one row which is the host name, e.g.


Not sure why the clip is failing to play.


Has anyone else had experienced this issue?