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Prompting "407 proxy authentication required" while replaying

Question asked by DPM Admin Employee on Apr 13, 2016

Hello guys, I am using cloudTest lite version of SOASTA. Recorded the website successfully and able to see the recorded response as well. Before digging upon the issue I would like to mention one point, 1. My companies internet is coming from a proxy server.Yes, we are using a proxy server to access the internet and It must configure in our local browser. So my issue is : While replaying the scenario in the test composition, I was prompted with an error message "407 proxy authentication required" to every request in the scenario. Also tried to search online and reconfigured the soasta conductor by using the "Use HTTP Proxy" in proxy configuration by entering valid server name, port and credentials still unable to solve the issue. Please help me out by correlating the point#1 and Issue. Thanks in advance