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How to PUT/POST a new version on an existing property in PAPI

Question asked by Bernie Ongewe on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Bernie Ongewe

Good day all.


I'm able to home in on the latest version of a property but unsure how to PUT the results into a new version.


For example, I can get version 2 of a property at the API below;




I can then make changes to this object but now I'm wondering where to PUT it to.


  • '/papi/v1/properties/prp_XXXXX/versions/2/rules/?contractId=ctr_XXXXX&groupId=grp_XXXXX' returns a 403. Understandable since the version is currently activated
  • '/papi/v1/properties/prp_XXXXX/versions/3/rules/?contractId=ctr_XXXXX&groupId=grp_XXXXX' returns a 404


Is there an example of this anywhere?