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Meaning of ruleFormat "latest" while work on PAPI

Question asked by Seungheun Noh on Oct 12, 2017

Hi team.


With Property Manager API (a.k.a PAPI), we are using "ruleFormat". To be sure which value can be used, I tried to call /rule-formats PAPI endpoint and got back below response.


   "ruleFormats": {
   "items": [


Items which has specific date is looks clear. But not sure about "latest" option. Though we created property with "v2017-06-19" as a rule format then retrieve created rule tree, Akamai is returning "latest" as a value of "ruleTree" node. 



Q1. Return of "latest" is intended response due to "v2017-06-19" is the latest one?

Q2. What will happen to this response if new version like "v2017-12-25" is added to rule format list? Response will be changed from "latest" to "v2017-06-19"?


Like many other behaviors, this is not properly described in developer guide.