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Application Load Balancer Suggestions

Question asked by Didier Fort on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by Didier Fort


I have a dozen configurations using Edge Load Balancing (and GTM), and after my trip to Edge (and a change on my contract) I am migrating to the Application Load Balancer cloudlet.

I noted a few things worth improving:

Under manage load balancing setup:

  • A clone function,
  • A way to test the liveness test (existing in GTM),
  • Allow a liveness test to accept user/password (again GTM allowed that),
  • Pre-populate the data center location based on Akamai's IP database.

Property manager: Origin Server

  • It should look like NetStorage (because all the HTTPS configuration are repeated in the cloudlet origin group),
  • As a best practice should SureRoute be configured in each cloudlet origin?

Property Manager: Application Load Balancer Cloudlet

  • When All Origins Are Down:
    • Should allow fail-over to another origin,
    • Should allow a variable in "Serve Static File".


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