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Parameterising site-under-test host/port?

Question asked by Gardner Buchanan on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by Salvador Camacho Reyes

My requirement is to parameterize the target in such a way that I can develop, refine and test the test plan against a "staging" or "development" environment, then run the test against a "production" or "performance" environment.  In JMeter I would do this by parameterising the required hosts and ports and simply providing the appropriate site under test information at execution time.


I am looking to understand the best practice for doing this in CloudTest.  I have a bunch of test clips that each have a series of operations.  I can see the "target" for each operation and I can change these via the "choose target" U/I.  Clearly walking through the entire test plan and updating every single operation to retarget the test plan is error prone and non-scalable.  I believe I can create and assign a set of generic target definitions and then change the site-under-test host and port.  Is this truly the best option?  Is it possible somehow to parameterise just the "location" field of the target?