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IP Address blocked

Question asked by Imran Chaudhry on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by Boris Chalinski



I have a residential FIOS connection and I host my webservers, mailservers etc on it.


In addition to that my employees share same connection to access the internet.


I am being blocked by Akamai.


I have used multiple anti virus and malware software to detect if there is any virus etc on my network that may be causing me to be blocked but I have not found anything.


I own a small business and we do get data from eBay APIs to process orders other than that I cant think of any reason why my IP address is being blocked.


Is it because of high internet usage? we don't really do any scraping.


Please help me figure out why I am being blocked.


You can get my IP address by pinging the domain in my email address.


I would rather not post my IP address in a public forum so if you need my IP please contact/email me.


If I must I will get business internet but I need to figure out if that will solve the problem because there is a substantial cost difference.


Please help.