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What variable does the result of "Modify Outgoing Request Path" get stored in?

Question asked by Mark Flint on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by Bengt Persson

I am using Terra Alta Enterprise Accelerator and the property manager to try to set-up a redirect. I need to take the incoming path, modify the path and then 301 redirect to a different website with that path.


I am using a "Modify Outgoing Request Path" behavior with the "Regular Expression Replacement" Action. I think I need to pass the output of that regex modified path, to a "Redirect Plus" behavior which has variable support, to redirect to a whole different sub-domain after modifying the path. I thought it might be the {{builtin.AK_PATH}} but that is not working.


I feel like I am close, but missing something basic like what variable the result of "Modify Outgoing Request Path" get stored in. I have been searching the documentation and I opened an Akamai support ticket, but support technician did not know either.


Any ideas are welcome. Thank you.