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Access Denied - Help

Discussion created by Ben Ferenzi on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by Boris Chalinski

We’ve had a number of sites being blocked in one of our offices for a few weeks now as well as Google sporadically requiring users to fill out a captcha to perform a search. 


Sites like,,  and a number of others we receive the access denied message.  We routed internet through another office and ran like that for over a week and everything worked fine.   We brought them back over and are using a new IP in our block and this is starting to happen again.  Our ISP provider checked into it and didn’t see anything and confirmed our block was not blacklisted.  We couldn't locate any unusual traffic on our firewall and actually had our firewall provider check logs and they couldn’t find anything unusual either. 

Can someone please assist?  Thank you. 


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