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What happens after a new CPcode/Property is created?

Question asked by Malu Krishnan Employee on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by Jay Sikkeland

When the customer tries pushing a new property via UI to production it throws a warning: 
A Content Provider Code(CP code) in your property was created 0 minutes ago. Newly created CP codes may take up to two hours (120 minutes) to propagate to our network. Activating this property version before the CP code propagates may cause a disruption to your service. 

Through the API, the customer creates a CPcode, the property and then activate it to production. They do not have a wait time in between these steps. 

1. The property will activate in 15 mins 
2. CP code propagation will takes up to 2 hrs 

So the question is if the customer starts using the property after activation but before the 2 hour window completes. 
What would be the behavior if the customer pushes the property to production within 120 minutes while the CP Code is still propagating? What would be edge response code when an end user sends request in that situation?