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503 error when connecting to MailChimp API

Question asked by Munsifali Rashid on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by Munsifali Rashid

I'm trying to access the MailChimp API from our web application hosted on a shared server returns a response like this:


"type": "akamai_error_message", 
"title": "akamai_503",
"status": 503,
"ref_no": "Reference Number: 00.<removed>.<removed>.<removed>"

Contacted MailChimp support who said that the IP was blocked by Akamai due to possible malicious traffic pointed towards Akamai endpoints and that it wasn't an issue from their end.  We did recently make some code changes to our application and added some functionality which resulted in more queries to the MailChimp API than before, but this was still very low volume and should not cause any problems.


While it's possible that this is being caused by another application on the same server (as we're using shared hosting), our site has been up for over a year and we didn't have any issues, so I'm inclined to think that something about our increased API usage caused by recently deployed functionality has been misinterpreted as malicious traffic.


Is there any way to get more information about what the exact problem is, and how to resolve it?  I can provide the reference number privately if that helps, or access to a test page on our server that exhibits this issue.