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Another why are we blocked thread

Question asked by Andrew Davis on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by Boris Chalinski



This is probably just yet another 'why are we blocked' type of question, but I've read lots of advice and other questions where specific ip addresses have been 'white listed' after investigation by Akamai staff.


Our office's external IP address is, which is now apparently being blocked from various sites such as,, etc. A recent error reference is #18.a6a3c017.1515428715.50c0506


We're not able to find anything bad happening on our office network so we suspect that we've been flagged as a false positive.


I suspect that your records will show that we're a web scraper or some such, but until your new tool for publicly checking ip addresses is available, I don't know how to find out more information about what the problem really is.


Obviously I've started by contact your customers, eBay and American Airlines etc, but no one that we are able to speak to seems to have heard of Akamai, never mind know how to look up the reference code.

We're an online retailer and we do spend a lot of time tracking parcel deliveries. I wonder if this sort of activity might be classed as 'web scraping' by your systems?

Can anyone provide any information - like other people, we could switch to a different ip address, but this doesn't seem like the right answer.