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Recent problems with ccu V3 API ?

Question asked by Los Grollos on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by Luigi Savini

I would like to check if anyone else experienced an issue with the fast purge ccu V3 API since end of 2017.

I have used it successfully since it came out in summer but since several weeks it does not work anymore and I am not sure why.


I still get something like below as response which seems fine but the cache of the images is simply not purged anymore like before (even after several minutes)


[estimatedSeconds] => 5

[purgeId] => abd2f975-f6d6-11e7-b28b-83ac010174eb

[supportId] => 17PY1515678752424911-228668608

[httpStatus] => 201

[detail] => Request accepted


So does anybody experienced something similar or was there maybe a small change in the API in the meantime which could cause this kind of problem?