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Migrating hostname between OV SAN SSL Certificate

Question asked by Indra Putra on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Gunther Kochmann



Currently our customer has a single OV SAN Certificate for multiple hostname (on CPS, Akamai-Digicert), but for regulation they need to have a different TLS version for some of the hostname.

So they plan to purchase additional OV SAN certificate.


My questions are:

1. We plan to migrate 2 of the current hostnames (from total 24 hostnames) to the new certificate

2. The plan is to create new certificate, which has this 2 same hostname first (so in one time, there will be 2 SAN certificate from a single CA contain same hostname) will there be any issue?

3. And after the new certificate propagated on production, we will revoke the hostname from the old certificate 

4. Will there be any issue in the future to have different subdomain hostname on separate certificate?

5. Is there any written guidance on migrating hostname between certificate on Akamai platform?


Thanks all!