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Akamai is blocking my website IP 503 Error connecting to MailChimp via Wordpress

Question asked by Anton van den Berg on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by Boris Chalinski

Please help.  I have had a website running for 4 months without a drama and in the last month I have noticed my email drop off a cliff.  When reconnecting MailChimp with Wordpress I realised there was an issue and that MailChimp servers are no longer allowing connections to my website.


After further investigation it returns a 503 error whereby Akamai is blocking my IP to my site.  Im on a managed hosting environment with a shared IP.


I have checked other blacklists and my site is not on there, why is Akamai the only one?


I have contacted MailChimp they said to contact the host provider, I contacted the host provider they said to contact Akamai.  



I rely on my business to return an income and it has fallen off a cliff for the month of Feb due to this issue and emails no longer being sent to my clients.


Any support to resolve this would be appreciated.