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Subdomain delegation on FastDNS within 2 Akamai accounts

Question asked by Darren Chau on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Darren Chau

Hi All,


This is a question about DNS delegation by using Fast DNS.

Currently, our mother corporate company is using Akamai Fast DNS to host let say "". They have a standalone corporate account (Account #A) on Akamai. Right now, we are a sub company under this mother corporate company, everything we built has to be under one of the subdomain say "" as well. We do have a separate Akamai account (Account #B) for our sub company. 


My question is, we would like to maintain "" on our Akamai account(Account #B) to gain flexibility and separation of access for our sub group instead of messing around on the corporate Akamai account (Account #A) . Will NS delegation still work properly within Fast DNS on Akamai if both parent domain and child domain are all in Akamai's FastDNS ?


Is there any special requirement to set this up or need to be careful ?