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How do Akamai charged on LMA?

Question asked by Indra Putra on Apr 11, 2018
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Hi All,


Let say in this scenario I have 1GB of file coming from the origin to the Akamai edge (uncompressed)

Then I enable LMA to compress the file on the edge

Akamai and the client are support compression so the edge only sent 100MB of data in compressed mode.

Which traffic will be billed? 1GB or 100MB?


I always been told that Akamai only billed traffic goes out (egress),

And in this KB Difference between traffic shown on the Traffic Reports vs. Billing vs. Log Delivery Services (LDS) and why they should not be compared  

had this statement "Includes uncompressed, if the object was uncompressed"

I always think that this only if the client doesn't support compression then it will be billed as egress as per what traffic being sent out.

But lately after I disable compression on the origin, the bill suddenly spiked up.


Does it means Akamai always charge the bill based on the uncompressed size?