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TCP retry in encoder implementation

Question asked by Wouter Delva on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Josh Cheshire

We are in the process of developing an encoder and want to qualify this encoder according to the MSL4.0 Encoder Guidelines : Media Services Live: HLS, HDS, and DASH Ingest User Guide. referenced in Qualified Encoders (MSL 3.2 & MSL 4.x) 


There is a table with some error conditions described in section 3.1.7. DNS Lookups, Upload Retries, and Timeouts :

- Error condition : TCP connection timeout/Abort midstream/Response Timeout/TCP send or receive timeout

- Object type : data

- Handling : Re-resolve DNS on each retry and continue uploading until n seconds, where n is the value of segment duration. After it reaches the segment duration value, drop the current data and continue with the next segment data.


My question is : Where do you start counting for "n seconds". Is this starting when the failure occurs(ie after a timeout), or is it starting when the TCP request is made? This is important for the implementation details of the encoder.