Audience Segmentation Cloudlet | Akamai

Video created by Jeff McLean Employee on Sep 22, 2016

    Easily define audiences and quickly split visitor traffic for A/B and multivariate testing while taking advantage of the web performance and security of your Akamai CDN.


    Useful for:


    · A/B or multivariate testing of the content, features, or design of your website or application


    · Tailoring web experiences by delivering various versions of content to various audiences based on several customizable match conditions


    · Splitting traffic to various origins with simplified segmentation and cookie assignment for stickiness


    Cloudlets are smart, scalable apps at the Akamai Edge to help simplify your web operations and improve the user experience. These apps are quick to configure, require no custom development work at your data center, and can safely be extended to additional users to control without giving full access to your Akamai configuration in Luna Property Manager.


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