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New Improved Security Monitor Notifications & Changes

Blog Post created by Nabarun Biswas Employee on Feb 7, 2017

Improved Security Alert Notifications

At Security Monitor, we are continuously evolving and rethinking our product to make for better customer experience and have made changes to Security Monitor notifications towards the effort. 

How Things Stand Today

A security notification triggers and an email alert is sent when a notification matches a defined condition.

There are two drawbacks to the current approach: 

  • One cannot be certain if the alert was sent for an existing notification instance or for a newly matched condition. 
  • Customers are overloaded with emails.   

Highlights of the Change

Security Monitor will send three different types of alerts for each notification instance:

  • Triggered Alert

Sent for an instance for which condition matches for the first time.

  • Periodic Update

Sent periodically for an instance for which condition continues to match.

  • Cleared Alert

Sent for an instance for which condition matches no longer.

Related Changes in Alert Email

Email alerts sent to customers have also been modified as a result. Customers will now receive emails on the same lines as the alerts listed above. The Subject Line and Body of the email will clearly state the type of alert: 


Sample Subject Line format 

New Akamai Alert: Security_Monitor_<Account Name>(<Notification Name>):<Type of Alert>


Sample Emails

Below are sample emails for the three alert types:


  • Sample Triggered Email



  • Sample Periodic Update (Ongoing) Email



  • Sample Cleared Alert Email 


When is the change schedule? 

Starting February 2017 the changes will be applied which will take couple of months for completion. 


For any further queries please reach out to your respective Akamai Account representative.

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