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Sarwesh Saurabh
Hi, We are working on some automation tests related to akamai  and we have got an access to call the API /config-visitor-prioritization-data/api/ I am using AkamaiOPEN-edgegrid-java for this testing. GitHub - akamai/AkamaiOPEN-edgegrid-java: Java library for Akamai OPEN EdgeGrid Client Authentication  version 2.1.0   I have created a new… (Show more)
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Anil Singh
I'm using  summary.getOriginServerErrorRequests for 500 Origin request with using SiteAcceleratorReportService but it give the sum of all 5xx series (500,501,503,504). All I want is just 500 and not others. How can I achieve this , is there any method exposed for just 500 code ? Please let me know at the earliest . I'm able to get individual hits… (Show more)
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Jason Rayles
Hello, I am trying to use the the the php scripts to purge files using the content control utility API. I am behind a corporate firewall, and when I run ./ccu_v3.php --verbose --debug   I get the following error   502: cURL error 56: Received HTTP code 502 from proxy after CONNECT (see Fatal… (Show more)
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Srikanth Vaddanti
Hi All,   As of now we are using CCU V2 API through Java to purge URLs with Rest and Soap services. we heard that this version is going to end in this year so we started re branding the CCU V2 to V3 version on java. I would like to know what are the steps do we need to follow do achieve the purge and can you please share a sample java code how to… (Show more)
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Vadims Popovs
Hi,   How can get the metrics (URL below and screenshot attached) using OpenAPI? Or maybe using the old one - but I cannot find good documentation of how to use legacy API.   I was able to write PY script which uses "akamai.edgegrid" and performs AUTH (this is working OK), but I have no clue where to get the data related to traffic (volumes, BW,… (Show more)
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Swati Vaze
Hi, I am trying to use the Java library for Akamai OPEN EdgeGrid Client Authentication (edgegrid-signer-google-http-client).  Below is my code: import com.akamai.edgegrid.signer.ClientCredential; import com.akamai.edgegrid.signer.googlehttpclient.GoogleHttpClientEdgeGridRequestSigner; import; import… (Show more)
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Jessica Mills
Be sure to join our next developer webinar that walks through our Akamai for DevOps initiative and our roadmap for what’s to come. Join us on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 9am PDT. Sign up here:   It’s critical for developers to be able to manage and automate their software… (Show more)
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Yuta Suwa
Hello,   Is the estimatedSeconds values returned from v3 reliable? I tried it by httpie and returned response as below:   $ http -v --auth-type edgegrid -a default: :/ccu/v3/delete/cpcode/production objects:='[******]' POST /ccu/v3/delete/cpcode/production HTTP/1.1 Accept: application/json, */* Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate    <SNIP>  … (Show more)
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