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Sandeep Vangala
Does  Akamai CLI for Purge offer rate limiting and error handling. I did not find any thing about rate limiting in the documents. Since it is built using V3 CCU, I am assuming it has V3 CCU limits. But I want to know if I exceed the limit does the cli purge client know how to handle status code 429 errors wait for some time and purge the urls… (Show more)
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Tim Savage
I seem to be unable to create new properties using names of other properties which have since been deleted.   Does anyone know if this issue is being addressed / whether a workaround is available?   Being able to reuse property names is pretty fundamental to a devops / CRUD approach !   Thanks,   Tim
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Bruce Pennypacker
I'm trying to write a fairly simple python program to launch an error translation request and then subsequently check that the request has completed so I can fetch the results. I can successfully launch the translation request, but the subsequent checks are consistently failing with an error indicating that "The signature does not match". The… (Show more)
in {OPEN} Developer Community
Toshiki Kojima
Hi team, I want to ignore query strings when purging the contents. For example, in the following case - - - When I input as URL, it should result as below: ( purge)… (Show more)
in {OPEN} Developer Community
Matthew Gartman
I am currently looking to get detailed Flow Based Monitoring metrics from the Prolexic API ( I would like to be able to get sample rates for a specific time frame and subnet similar to the raw data that is presented on the dashboard in the portal… (Show more)
in {OPEN} Developer Community
Seungheun Noh
Hi team.   With Property Manager API (a.k.a PAPI), we are using "ruleFormat". To be sure which value can be used, I tried to call /rule-formats PAPI endpoint and got back below response.   {    "ruleFormats": {    "items": [          "v2017-06-19",          "v2016-11-15",          "v2015-08-17",          "latest"       ]    } }   Items… (Show more)
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Chad Prey
FEO Purge using Python - #! /usr/bin/env python   """ """   import requests, logging, json, sys from http_calls import EdgeGridHttpCaller from akamai.edgegrid import EdgeGridAuth from config import EdgeGridConfig from urlparse import urljoin import urllib session = requests.Session() debug = True verbose = True… (Show more)
in {OPEN} Developer Community
Joel Newton
I'm not able to register on I repeatedly get:   An error occurred An error occurred during execution; please try again later.   [Moderator Note: removed potentially sensitive information]
in {OPEN} Developer Community
Bernie Ongewe
Good day all.   I'm able to home in on the latest version of a property but unsure how to PUT the results into a new version.   For example, I can get version 2 of a property at the API below;   '/papi/v1/properties/prp_XXXXX/versions/2/rules/?contractId=ctr_XXXXX&groupId=grp_XXXXX'   I can then make changes to this object but now I'm wondering… (Show more)
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