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Tim Savage
There is an issue (typo) in the documentation for SPS:   GET /config-secure-provisioning-service/v1/sps-request/{spsId}{?contractId,groupId,after,information} The endpoint should be 'sps-requests' - 'sps-request' (singular) returns HTTP 403.
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Dhilip Venkatesh Uvarajan
Is there actually a way to use an existing advanced XML in a different rule using PAPI? I have been trying to clone/copy a existing rule (with advanced XML) and make minor changes to criteria *only* without changes to advanced behavior and post back to Akamai using PAPI?   Currently I am gettng a 403 Forbidden.   Viktoriya Reyzelman    … (Show more)
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Gunther Kochmann
I came across this recently and wanted to check whether this is expected. To me it does not sound correct.   use PAPI to create a new version of an existing Property Manager configuration then the 'Author' field states the API ID instead of the LUNA user name (which is the usual value populated there)   Example:   This used to show the… (Show more)
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Pedram Mohammadian
I am hoping to get some guidance/assistance in relation to using Akamai API to update the "Default Rule" and "Forward to alternate Hostname" configurations through PAPI. Unfortunately I have not been able to work out or find any help online to make these changes.   Would appreciate any help/advice   Default Rule   Forward to Alternate… (Show more)
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Brendon Kellett
Hi. I'm attempting to make use of the C# OPEN client (GitHub - akamai/AkamaiOPEN-edgegrid-C-Sharp ), and I can GET data just fine, but I'm getting 400 responses for anything with a body (POST, PUT).   Here is a sanitised example of the request I am attempting:   POST… (Show more)
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Tristan Lymbery
Hey guys,   We're unable to search for a property by value (link here). We just get "NotFound" returned.   Have tried a combination of:   Hostnames, with wildcard, without, propertyname with wildcard, without, complete names or not. edgehostnames with wildcard, without, full and partial names.   And a bunch of other things around JSON body,… (Show more)
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Duncan Maitland
The Get a Rule Tree resource in Property Manager API previously included a uuid field in rule/criteria/behaviour objects and the value of this field was maintained across versions, which allowed tracking changes in an individual rule/criteria/behaviour object between property versions.   The uuid is also used within Luna to hyperlink to… (Show more)
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