Media Services On Demand 3.4 Release Preview

Blog Post created by B-3-P2Z7TX Employee on Nov 1, 2016

For the last 6 months we’ve been hard at work on Media Services On Demand 3.4, the next revision of Akamai’s comprehensive workflow solution for on demand video preparation.  


The theme for this release was simplification.

  • We’ve developed a completely new UI focused on helping our customers build end to end workflows simplifies the process of using our system.

  • MSOD has been integrated into Akamai’s Marketplace makes it simpler for customers to trial and purchase MSOD
  • Our transcoding functionality has been updated to include Common Media Application Format (CMAF) to help simplify the complex video format landscape.


Below is a preview of the functionality we will be deploying with MSOD 3.4, scheduled for release November 7th, 2016. Due to some last minute shuffling, and not wanting to make a change while there is another big event going on here in the states, we've delayed enabling the new UI until Thursday November 10th.


New User Interface

A key feature of this release is a new and vastly improved user interface designed to help our customers navigate complex workflows quickly and easily. This new UI incorporates wizards to walk users through setup and management operations so they can be quickly processing content instead of reading documentation.


The Automated Workflow Wizard


Screenshot of new automated workflow wizard


Customers who are familiar with our existing user interface will also notice that the new user interface loads and responds significantly faster. This is particularly noticeable while reviewing processed content.


The Enhanced Media View

New Media details view


Customers will automatically receive access to this new user interface upon release. All operations from configuring an automated workflow, to enabling API access, to reviewing media, to will live in the same place in Luna making it even easier to use.


A video detailing all the changes can be found here: Self Service - New Content Preparation UI 


Support for CMAF

Common Media Application Format aims to create an industry standard for Adaptive Bitrate Delivery allowing content providers to maximize their distribution footprint whilst minimizing the number of files that must be created, stored, and protected, to reach their audience. Akamai is proud to be the first cloud transcoding platform to support the CMAF standard.


Upon release customers will be able to create new workflows that produce CMAF outputs. This will create outputs that are a common, fragmented mp4, video file which can be referenced by both HLS and DASH manifests.


For more information on CMAF please see the blog post written by Shawn Michels - Product Line Direct  and Will Law - Chief Architect  -





MarketPlace Trials

Akamai created the Akamai Marketplace to allow customers to learn about and try new Akamai services in a self-service manner.


For Akamai customers who do not yet have Media Services On Demand you can now start a trial online through Akamai’s Marketplace. With just a few clicks you can start using all workflow features right away.


The ability to purchase through MarketPlace will be launched in February 2017. 


Contact your account team should you have any questions.