Erik Nygren

Akamai Community now available over IPv6

Blog Post created by Erik Nygren Employee on Feb 11, 2015

If you are one of the over 10% of visitors to this site from a client with IPv6 connectivity, you're likely now accessing the site over IPv6.  We dual-stacked the Akamai Community site last week after working with Jive to qualify that our Jive back-end works fine in this setup.  Once this testing was done, making available over IPv6 only took a simple configuration switch to the DNS CNAME chain, point the property to a dual-stacked Edge Hostname:


$ host is an alias for is an alias for has address has IPv6 address 2600:141b:4:2a4::f71 has IPv6 address 2600:141b:4:28e::f71


Looking at traffic reports for the past few days, around 11% of visitors have been coming to the site over IPv6.  This is above the global average, but mirrors the aggregate IPv6 deployment in the US and Germany, as well as including people from Akamai's offices around the world (many of which have native IPv6 connectivity through our corporate WAN environment).


Akamai has been helping our customers make sites and content available over IPv6 for a few years now (see my Akamai Edge 2014 talk for more details), with thousands of hostnames now dual-stacked (available over IPv4 and IPv6).  As new IPv4 address space stops being freely available, and as end-user networks around the world continue to roll-out IPv6, it will be increasingly important to make sure that sites are delivered over IPv6.


For most web sites, the only testing needed is making sure that request headers (such as True-Client-IP or X-Forwarded-For) are handled properly by the origin server when they contain IPv6 addresses.  There are other corner cases that can arise in rare situations, such as when cookies contain IP addresses.  In the vast majority of cases, you can just create a dual-stacked Edge Hostname when provisioning your property.  For example, in the Property Manager "Property Hostnames" panel, simply switch "Add Hostname - IPv4" to "Add Hostname - IPv4 + IPv6" when adding a hostname and the resulting Edge Hostname will created dual-stacked:


For existing (and secure) Edge Hostnames, you can ask your Akamai account rep to switch them to a dual-stacked mapping behavior.


If you have particular sites (such as a Jive community or support site?) that you want to make available over IPv6, integrating them onto one of Akamai's site or content delivery products is an easy way to do this.  We'll serve end-user requests over IPv4 or IPv6 as appropriate and then fetch content from the origin over IPv4.  Client IPv6 addresses will appear in request headers, log lines, download receipts, and any other place where an IP address would appear.