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Delightful peak traffic whitepapers

Blog Post created by Mark Adam Employee on Oct 31, 2017

It's Halloween. I'm sure numerous readers are much more terrified of what could happen in 3 weeks, rather than ensuring the appropriate amount of treats are available for any trick-or-treaters this evening. Fear not! Manuel Alvarez and Dominic Lovell from the consulting team here at Akamai have just released white papers on Feature Toggle and Dark Releases, and Handling Flash Sales. Both of these are very applicable to major traffic events, especially black friday and cyber monday. We took our experiences across customers and consolidated our best practices and insights in to these documents that can be utilized by anyone that has a hand in event preparedness, whether its marketing, product, engineering or operations. 



Handling Flash Sales
Major sales events can be great opportunities for online businesses but can also be nightmares if you haven't planned appropriately for them. What aspects of my site's architecture truly impact my customer's online experience and how much do I really need to prepare are two of the common questions we receive from our customers. In this white-paper from Akamai's Global Consulting Services team, we investigate what is really necessary when it comes to preparing for your highest level of traffic, whether it is during Black Friday or a random Tuesday.… 


Feature Toggle and Dark Releases
Typically these types of features aren't thought of as "holiday readiness", but they can (and should be) leveraged as a part of preparing for peak traffic. Ensuring your major sale page(s) or product page(s) are live and available to the right audience at the right time, are paramount to a successful event. In addition, creating a backup online experience if the worst should happen and planning for this unfortunate scenario are both covered in this white-paper from our Global Consulting Services team here at Akamai. 


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