Waheed Brown

Requirements Gathering: Unclassified

Blog Post created by Waheed Brown Employee on Dec 15, 2017

Akamai is a leader in the CDN and security spaces. However, it is a true powerhouse in ensuring its Service Level Agreements (SLAs) through leading Professional Services. In order to harness this power, every Akamai service request needs sufficient requirements.


Here, we have declassified, demystified and defined what makes good requirements. In one word, it is explicitness.


The Requirements Cookbook

  1. Always provide test URLs: this alone will dramatically increase the speed of your service request
    • [At least] one for a positive test
    • One for a negative test
  2. State the end goal, not the problem: fight the disease, not the symptom
    • It's almost always faster to solve for the end goal
    • Trying to limit the solution to the symptom effectively limits Akamai's options
  3. Now state the problem: ideally break it down into a pipeline of dependent problems
    • Provide unit tests for each stage of the problem
  4. Use Akamai service hours: here is where I need to be blunt
    • DON'T BE CHEAP! Akamai provides service hours for a reason, please use them
    • At the very least, create an Akamai support ticket and put the requirements there
  5. Save hours by troubleshooting: This is the correct way to save time/money
  6. Try DIY for an hour: first try to fix the problem yourself


Please feel free to make an Akamai support ticket if you ever need help with requirements. Be explicit, try to follow the above recipe and be generous with your test URLs. Thanks for reading!