Akamai introduces new Application Security Service:  Web Application Protector

Blog Post created by B-3-XH9UGV Employee on Feb 7, 2017

Release date:

February 7, 2017



Akamai Web Application Protector makes application security available to organizations who haven't had the time, money, or expertise to apply application security to their sites and applications. Web Application Protector brings four unique features to the Application Security market:


Feature highlights:

  • Easy Installation

    An on-boarding wizard makes initial configuration Web Application Protector easy.

  • Protections added nearly instantaneously

    Web Application Protector begins monitoring your site for DDoS and Application attacks as soon as you put your site (aka as soon as you "CNAME") on the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

  • Rule groupings make for easier maintenance

    Starting your protections and stopping DDoS, XSS, CMDi and more takes only a few clicks, and doesn't require a degree in Application Security.

  • Visibility into threats detected and stopped

    Akamai's security center monitoring dashboard help you see attacks that Web Application Protector has detected and stopped.


More info: