Chris Wraight

Spring 2018: What’s New with Akamai

Blog Post created by Chris Wraight Employee on Apr 16, 2018

On April 16, 2018, Akamai announced several exciting product updates as part of its market-leading cloud delivery platform. 


Your customers’ expectations are rising, and integrating a myriad of solutions to craft the best, most engaging, and personalized experienced is harder than ever before. Akamai has made it easier for every digital organization to measure, prioritize, and realize the business value that web, mobile, and API performance delivers for them with improvements to our integrated platform approach to finding and FIXING any issues that are compromising their end users’ experience, through adaptive acceleration solutions.


Given the threat posed by persistent attackers and massive DDoS attacks, sophisticated bots - botnets - and C&C (Command & Control) software, and an enterprise perimeter that is increasingly difficult to enforce, Akamai is introducing two sets of powerful adaptive security controls, adaptive threat protection, and enterprise security controls that will help customers evolve toward a zero trust architecture.


And to ensure that every digital organization can take full advantage of the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, we’re continuing our dedication to agile development principles and DevOps methodologies by ensuring that every organization can quickly integrate Akamai into existing developer workflows to streamline the deployment and operation of their digital applications.


More information can be found in this Akamai Community page.