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What is China CDN?

China CDN, built with Akamai technology and enabled through a partnership

with key local service providers, is an add-on module designed to simplify your ability to deliver the performance, quality, reliability, and security to mainland China users.

What Products is China CDN available with?

ChinaCDN is an add-on module available with the following products

  • All Ion Variants
  • Dynamic Site Accelerator
  • Dynamic Site Delivery
  • Rich Media Accelerator
  • IP Accelerator
  • Session Accelerator
  • Download Delivery
  • Adaptive Media Delivery


How can China CDN be configured?

Due to additional regulatory requirements to ensure ICP compliance for all domains intended for delivery using China CDN, it is not self serviceable. Please notify your Account Team for any changes related to domains using ChinaCDN.

What is ICP registration?

ICP license (abbreviation for Internet Content Provider; Chinese: ICP备案; pinyin: ICP bèi'àn; literally: "ICP registration/filing") is a permit issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) to permit China-based websites to operate in China. The ICP license numbers for Chinese websites can often be found on the bottom of the front webpage.

The  ICP numbers  looks like the following京ICP证123456号 or 京ICP备12345678号

There are two types of ICP license issued by MIIT:

  • Commercial ICP license
  • Non-commercial ICP Bei`an (Filing)

There are specific requirements and restrictions regarding commercial ICP licenses for companies operating in China.

What is the MIIT?

The MIIT is the abbreviation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.  It is the governmental agency responsible for handling all foreign companies’ license requests for operating in China.  The Telecom Administration Bureau is the division of the MIIT that is responsible for licenses in the Telecom space.


MIIT issues a permit, called the ICP License/Beian, for content providers to host their website in Mainland China. All customers need to have a valid ICP License/Beian for ChinaCDN services to be provided to them based on the telecommunication administration regulations of China.

How can I check to see if an ICP number already exists for a domain registered in the MIIT Database?

  1. Navigate to the MIIT website and click on “备案信息查询” (Record Information Inquiry) on the left-side of the page


Go to the Record Information Inquiry page directly:

  1. Enter domain name (eg. in the 2nd Row ( 网站域名).
  2. Complete the Captcha and Submit (button on the left).

Which type of licenses/permits does a customer need to operate a website in China?

It depends on the type of website or web application. The most common licenses are:

  • Non-commercial ICP Beian (A.K.A ICP filing)
  • Commercial ICP License
  • Public Security Bureau Registration (PSB Beian) (A.K.A Cyber security registration);
  • Industry‐specific permits (Pre-approval permits)

Which licenses are mandatory?

The ICP Beian and PSB Beian are mandatory for all Websites.

The commercial ICP license is mandatory if it meets the commercial platform criteria.

The industry‐specific licenses are mandatory for those industry‐specific Websites eg. websites offering streaming services need an Audio Visual Servicer Provider (AVSP) license.

Which kind of entity can apply for ICP Bei'an?

The following may apply for an ICP Bei'an:

  • Chinese-owned businesses with a Chinese business license can apply for an ICP
  • China based representative office of companies outside of China
  • Partially or wholly foreign-owned (non-Chinese) businesses with any type of Chinese business license (Joint-Venture or WOFE, for example)
  • Chinese citizens, using their state-issued ID, can apply for an ICP in the name of an individual in this case, the domain should be owned by the person applying.
  • Foreign (non-Chinese) individuals, using their passport as ID, who can be physically present in China long enough to fulfill the basic registration requirements, can apply for an Individual ICP; in this case, the domain should be owned by the person.

The following cannot apply for an ICP:

  • Foreign businesses with no legal business presence in China.
  • Foreign individuals without a passport (and who are therefore ideally not residing in China)

Who can help with an ICP Application?

China based ISPs who provide China mainland hosting to the domain are legally responsible for the ICP Beian application.


PSB Beian, and industry‐specific permits are open to the in-China registered business entity to apply for. Some of the industry-specific permits cannot be applied by foreign invested companies, e.g Geo-surveying and publication permits.


Commercial ICP license cannot be issued to any foreign invested company.  There is an exception for foreign invested companies with websites serving as an ecommerce platform to apply for the commercial ICP if the platform is setting up in the Shanghai Free Trade zone.

What information is needed during the ICP application process?

The following are general guidelines. Each ISP has their own process and requirements may vary. It is recommended to check with local hosting providers for confirmation.


The China-based entity needs to appoint a “web representative”. Web representatives, must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be local based employee of this office appointed to apply for ICP.
  • Must be able to communicate in Mandarin fluently.
  • Must have local contact info (Land-line, Mobile, e-mail. [phones’ area codes must match the city where their Chinese business registration issued]).
  • Must have a valid ID (Passport, State-issued ID).


The web representative needs to complete a set of ICP application documents based on hosting provider’s ICP team’s input.

  • An application normally will include the following info:
  • Domain for ICP BeiAn.
  • Business entity’s registered name in Chinese.
  • Business license number
  • Web representative’s ID number.
  • Web representative’s contact info
  • Printout of the “domain certificate” (screenshot of “whois” lookup result is accepted if the domain registrar has no formal domain certificate)
  • Photocopy of Business license & Company’s legal representative’s ID & web representative’s ID.
  • There’s no URL/link for downloading a standard ICP BeiAn application form as the form varies by ISP. The hosting provider/ISP will provide the right form.
  • There is no English version of application form. Please note this application shall not be filled by a business entity outside of China.

Once completed, the forms are required to be printed into hard copies and then stamped with the local company’s seal on each page.

The hard copies will be required to be sent to hosting provider’s office for submission.  Once the application is submitted to the MIIT systems, it will be reviewed within 20 working days by the administration.

The approval notification will be sent via email from Government to the assigned web-representative.


Customer Data Validation

Why is China CDN Customer Data Validation required?

In order to comply with regulations set forth by the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China), Akamai is required to maintain up-to-date information on all websites serving traffic in China.  This information is reported regularly to the Chinese authorities. This information includes the details such as classification of the website, the ICP license for each site, and the in China representative etc (listed below).


- ICP number:

- Domain(s):

- Domain Service category:

- Business Name for Chinese Entity:

- Business Classification:

- Business ID Number:

- Business ID Type:

- Name of Legal Representative in China:

- Cell phone number for Legal Representative in China:


What is Domain Service Category?

The Domain Service Category must be selected from one of the following:

  1. Instant Messenger 即时通信,
  2. Search Engine 搜索引擎,
  3. Comprehensive Web Portal 综合门户,
  4. Online Post Office 网上邮局,
  5. News Website 网络新闻,
  6. Blog Website 博客,
  7. Internet-based Advertising 网络广告,
  8. Vertical Web Portal 单位门户网站,
  9. Shopping Website 网络购物,
  10. Online Payment 网上支付,
  11. Online Banking 网络银行,
  12. Online stock brokerage/fund 网上炒股/基金,
  13. Gaming Website 网络游戏,
  14. Music Website 网络音乐,
  15. Video Website 网络视频,
  16. Picture Website 网络图片,
  17. Software Download 软件下载,
  18. Job search website 网上求职,
  19. SociaI/Dating website 网络交友/婚介,
  20. Real Estate Website 网上房地产,
  21. Online Education 在线教育,
  22. Website Building 网站建设,
  23. Wireless application 无线应用,
  24. Others 其他

What is Business Classification?

The Business Classification must be selected from one of the following:

  1. 军队 Military,
  2. 政府机关 Government agency,
  3. 事业单位 Institution,
  4. 企业 Company,
  5. 个人 Individual,
  6. 社会团体 Social Organization,
  7. 其他 Other

What is Business ID Type?

The Business ID Type must be selected from one of the following:

  1. 工商营业执照号码 Business license certificate,
  2. 身份证 Chinese citizen ID card,
  3. 组织机构代码证书 Organization code certificate,
  4. 事业法人证书 Institution legal person certificate,
  5. 军队代号 Military code,
  6. 社团法人证书 Organization legal person certificate,
  7. 护照 Passport,
  8. 军官证 Military personnel ID,
  9. 台胞证 MTP (mainland travel permit for taiwan residents),
  10. 其他 Others


How can this information be updated?

Updated information can be submitted on It is also recommended to notify your Account Team after completing this.


In case you do not have access to Google forms, please work with your account teams via a Business Support Case on Luna Control Center. They will be able to submit this information on your behalf.


What kind of information can be requested from the listed contacts?

The listed contacts can be asked to assist with questions related to your China operations. Please ensure they are enabled to do so.


 We are no longer using China CDN services from Akamai and believe that we have received this notification incorrectly. What action is required?

If you are no longer using China CDN please notify your account team.