Akamai to Enable ECS for OpenDNS & GoogleDNS on IPA/SXL Network

Document created by Kevin Wetter Employee on Aug 25, 2015Last modified by Kevin Wetter Employee on Aug 25, 2015
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On September 1, 2015, OpenDNS will begin providing EDNS0-client-subnet ("ECS") data in DNS requests to Akamai authoritative DNS servers for the Akamai domain supporting our Session Accelerator (SXL) and IP Session Accelerator (IPA) products (akasripcn.net).


Also, on September 2, 2015 Google DNS will make a configuration change to complete their transition to sending ECS data for akasripcn.net. However, in their case, the benefits of this change were already realized several months ago.


ECS data in a DNS request provides additional information (such as the end user's client IP) that allows Akamai to make smarter/more optimal routing decisions for centralized third-party DNS authorities (like Google DNS and OpenDNS).


At the time of this post, Akamai uses ECS data from Google DNS and OpenDNS on many of its end user-facing platforms to optimize its end user routing, and the IPA/SXL Network will be the latest Akamai platform to start leveraging this technology.


No action is required, and this change should be transparent for all end users.


For more details on what ECS is and why it's beneficial for everyone, click here.


If you have any questions/concerns surrounding this, please comment below.  Alternatively, you can reach out to your Akamai representative and/or Customer Care.


As always, if you are having any issues with your IPA/SXL setup(s) on Akamai, please reach out to Customer Care 24x7x365 by opening a case in Luna Control Center.