Octoshape Application Client for Windows, OS X and Linux

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Installing and removing the Octoshape Client from the machine.




Octoshape application installed on a device in Windows, Linux or OSX operating systems.




  1. Installation
    1. Click here for the Octoshape Windows application
    2. Click here for the Octoshape OS X application
      1. Typical install issues with OSX are firewalls or other security programs running in "highly" restrictive modes.  If you need help in diagnosing this open a support ticket with Akamai Technical Support providing a list of your running processes.  You can get this from Activity Monitor in Applications/Utilities and selecting File-Save.  Also, please include your OSX configuration - OSX version 10.X and browser used for the installation.
    3. Linux 32-bit Click here for the Octoshape Linux application
    4. Linux 64-bit Click here for the Octoshape Linux application 64-bit
      1. Linux 32-bit: Download the linux 32-bit .bin file and make it executable by typing chmod +x octosetup-linux_i386.bin in a terminal. Type ./octosetup-linux_i386.bin and follow the installation instructions.
      2. Linux 64-bit: Download the linux 64-bit .bin file and make it executable by typing chmod +x octosetup-linux_amd64.bin in a terminal. Type ./octosetup-linux_amd64.bin and follow the installation instructions.
      3. Start the Octoshape client, for example by navigating to the Octoshape folder (i.e. cd into the directory and type: ./OctoshapeClient
      4. You can now playback an Octoshape stream from a web page or any player, as long as you leave the OctoshapeClient running in the terminal.
  2. Uninstallation
    1. Windows
      1. Octoshape can be uninstalled from "Add/remove programs" (Windows XP) or "Programs and feature" (Windows Vista and later) in the "Control Panel". Depending on which version you have installed it will either be called 'Octoshape Streaming Services' or 'Infinite HD App'.
    2. Mac OS X, there are 3 options:
      1. An uninstaller can be found by going to Finder, click on the 'Go' menu, and choose 'Go to Folder'; type in ~/Library/Octoshape and press return.
      2. You can also download the uninstaller for Intel or PowerPC based Mac computers
      3. Manually remove the files:
        1. Open a Terminal window by going to Finder, Applications, Utilities, and opening Terminal
        2. Run the following commands in Terminal:
          rm -rf ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/OctoshapeWeb.pluginrm -rf ~/Library/Octoshape
    3. Linux
      1. Simply delete the octoshape folder where you installed Octoshape